What Should a Postpartum Fitness Routine Look Like

Postpartum is different for everyone, which means that your fitness routine should also be tailored to your unique needs. Although people will start exploring movement at different times, the core principles of what you should focus on remains the same. When you are ready to start moving again, make sure you start with the fundamentals below:

  1. Breathe Work – This is important for your pelvic floor, core and diaphragm to learn how to work together again. The best part about these exercises is that you can do them anytime and anywhere. Just simply take a big breath and expand your belly out. During the exhale, engage your pelvic floor.
  2. Core – Sounds like a no brainer right? The first thing I would start implementing back into your fitness routine is supported core work. This means you should lie down on your back, bend your knees in a reverse table top position, and crunch up. Hold this crunch and breathe. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. This is the first step toward the dead bug exercise.
  3. Mobility – We are sitting a lot and nursing constantly. Doing light stretches to open up your chest and hips will feel so good! Start slow by doing happy baby without rocking, child’s pose, and hip bridges. These exercises will improve your posture and alignment.
  4. Strength – This may not sound sexy, but it is definitely was you need in order to rebuild your foundation. Your uterus and abdominal muscles have expanded and shifted a lot of things around in your body. Now is the time to slowly rebuild your core, arm, leg and back muscles to support your new baby! Start will simple glute bridges, bicep curls, and banded pull aparts.

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